Remote Car Alarm/Car Starter?

With the new cars coming out, where you don't actually put a key in an ignition (I've seen new Nissans with this feature, I'm sure there are more). That also unlock your vehicle via a close proximity (allthough I'm not sure what that proximity is... ) ,and if you do happen to have some incident where your magic "key" gets locked inside, there is the code pad on the driver door as well. This really isn't a new tech, its just finally being adapted for use in cars finally.... So then the question isn't if an app can be developed, because its not so much a software thing, as it is a hardware. I agree with the previous statements about some setup bluetooth or wifi.... allthough this really would only be practical at home... since your not likely to have Wifi when you goto WalMart lol. Also not sure that I'd want my car controls to be accessable via the internet for a hacker/car thief combo. It would be very convienient if the phone had an rf transmitter and an app that removed the need for an addition to my key ring.

Keyless remotes have been around for a while on higher end cars. They are now available on the fully featured models of many new cars. I have it on my Mazda 6 and love it. The keys stay in my pocket snow, rain, or shine. The car won't let you lock your keys in the car.

I think the only way to get an app on the phone to do something like this would be if the car was connected via an *n star type system. The commands would be sent via the internet to the car.
I don't see this happening via an app. Remote starters use rolling code type RF signals just like your keyless entry fob and garage door opener does.

You could however buy a remote car starter that works via a cellular connection, but then you have to pay a monthly fee. When you go that route, you can start your car from anywhere in the world though. AutoPage C3-RS665 Remote Start Car Starter Alarm Keyless Entry System - C3-RS665 -


Check out this website, using a prepaid cell, it'd work without any issues.
Remote Start using Cell Phone: Part 1 | Dave Hacks
i have a viper smart start vss-3000 on my hyundai genesis 4.6 v8 & im able to start my car from anywhere, open or close my doors, activate the panic alarm or open my trunk ( which i didnt want hooked up ) all with my Droid X, i paid for the 3 year plan of $99, im loving it so far on cold days when i start my car up from the comfort of my home or office and enter a warm car
what's the latest

This thread being about a year old, what's the latest for android based remote start? It's on the wife's christmas list
Glad this thread was revived! I would like to see any new info as well
Well all i can say is that the Viper Smart Start added some more features which GPS location of your car ( which i didnt add ) but im still loving my Smart Start on my Droid X cell phone , Its worth the amount i paid & since i dont leave home without my cell im glad i bought it
While trying not to be nosy, what does the viper smart start system cost you to get in a car? Last time I was checking for the whole system it was like $1000, and then they wanted a subscription on top of that!
Well i dont know where you got that info from but BEST BUY was selling the unit (viper smart start VSS3000) for about $299 i believe with free basic install and then i paid $99 for a 3 year subscription which i think they went up a couple of dollars, now if you wanted the GPS unit also thats another $299 i believe plus if your adding anything extra, and i paid about $75 for the FORTIN EVO-ALL bypass off of ebay, which is the bypass unit you need to allow the vipoer smart start unit to bypass the electronic system on the car and start it, Hope that helps you
Thank you for the information. The system I had inquired about had the alarm module, the paging module etc. Just basic smartphone remote starting would be handy with the ability to drop modules on latter.