Regardless of which phone, why do some just not have great battery life?


Feb 16, 2012
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I've owned many droids and iPhones. Only a handful of them actually had great battery life. But the point I want to stress is mostly its standby use, just sitting long will it last?
Lets say the average standby time was 300 hours.
I've had a Thunderbolt and my Maxx Razr that honestly just will not make it to that point. My Thunderbolt would wake up 40% drained by the morning? Why?
My Maxx Razr went from 61 to 24 by the time I woke up and Battery Monitors aren't indicating anything running. Ive done all the right things... Here's the real tricky part, the Maxx has a huge battery and is reported to last people days, but not everyone, not mine. I know to some people lasting over a day is a great thing. But my Iphone overnight went from 88 to 86. My brothers regular Razr wouldn't drain this much.
Also, another interesting point, The battery doesn't drain at an unreasonable rate WHEN YOU'RE USING IT. Its mostly the standby aspect, like it did overnight.

Is this common for some of the units you purchased? I haven't found anything technically wrong, like some power drainer thats the cause of this massive drain overnight. I did once get an iphone returned it for another and found that battery to be much longer lasting..
Is that ultimately what this is about? Some batteries do the job..others don't?


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Feb 2, 2011
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Your phone isn't sleeping properly. Download better battery stats from XDA and see if you are getting wake locks

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