Recording stopped, video won't play


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Mar 9, 2012
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Two issues. 1) Video recording stops after a certain time. I record myself drawing and my old droid 2 I could get away with about 40 minutes. Ideally I'd use a camera but I don't have one. First time recording something long on my razr. I think that at ~30 in it stopped. I don't know the exact time because my head was done over my drawing.

2) It won't play back. I saw that it had stopped so i checked to see where. When I went to play the video back, there's no thumbnail and I got a message, "Sorry, this video cannot be played." I copied it off to a Mac, as an mp4 it won't play either. Tried playing it with VLC, same thing.

The file itself showed to be ~1.94gb. I have plenty of free space on the phone as I don't keep pictures or music and have an average amount of apps.

I'm worried the video length forced it to stop and then it didn't end properly and is now corrupt. I'm okay with this one, but I record these regularly and I need to know if this will be a problem going forward and if I should invest in a video camera.