Rebtel Launches New Voice Layer App for Android Developers


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Dec 30, 2010
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Rebtel, Skype's biggest mVoIP competitor (and second largest in the world in that category), just announced a new Voice platform for Android developers. Their new innovation allows smartphone developers to integrate a voice layer into their apps, free of cost. This can enable free app to app calling for users anywhere in the world. Here's a press release with more details,

Rebtel to Give Smartphone Apps a ‘New Voice,’ Launches Rebtel Voice Platform for iOS and Android Developers

San Francisco, USA & Stockholm, SWEDEN
December 11, 2012

Rebtel, the world’s largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, today announced the private beta launch of its new SDK for iOS and Android. The Rebtel Voice Platform introduces a powerful yet simple tool that will now allow developers to integrate voice capabilities into any app in 15 minutes.

Now any app developer looking to add a live calling feature has the ability to stream voice to their customer base. Gaming apps like Poker and apps that offer social networking features such as picture sharing comprise the bulk of apps developed today, and are prime examples of specific use case scenarios where smartphone users could benefit from free app to app calls.

Using Rebtel's Voice Platform for in-app calling means game developers can offer players the opportunity to phone a friend for strategy tips without ever having to leave the game environment, and dating apps can now offer the ability for real-time voice calls for better matchmaking possibilities.

The launch of the platform comes at a critical time for developers who are looking into new ways to monetize their user base, while making their apps more social to create and extend value to consumers. With voice no longer being a stand-alone service provided by operators, the Rebtel Voice Platform also addresses the emerging trend of an ever-growing number of smartphone users who are turning to OTT (Over The Top) services for free or cheap calling alternatives at the expense of traditional carriers.

“Voice is a feature that can significantly augment the user experience in a variety of verticals and in the long term we see the Rebtel Voice Platform as a game-changing tool for developers,” said Rebtel CEO Andreas Bernstrom. “With the launch of this free service, thousands of content publishers and smartphone developers will have the opportunity to enrich their applications with a voice layer thereby increasing usage and appeal, or they can even distribute their own branded mobile VoIP app without any large back-end commitment.”

Rebtel’s software development kit makes for an intriguing proposition for developers in most app categories and the company has already attracted inaugural launch partners. They include Palo Alto-based VIVfone, a consolidated mobile CRM app that fundamentally improves the business calling, information gathering and transaction services for consumers and Stockholm-based MobisleApps that develops applications in the lifestyle, dating, and productivity categories.

“Rebtel’s SDK allows us to bring a simple, yet powerful and thoroughly road-tested calling functionality into our app. It connects our users in an intuitive but elegant and reliable way,” said Fredrik Olofsson, CEO, MobisleApps. “There is a tremendous value-add for us in being able to extend the utility and interactivity over a wide range of applications, which we feel will give us a lift in downloads, as well as in driving longer and more frequent user interactions.”

“We chose to work with Rebtel because starting with superior quality HD calls lays the foundation for a robust service that consumers will love,” said Ratesh Dhir, Co-Founder and VP Business Development, VIVfone.

Rebtel’s Voice Platform SDK tool-kit for iOS and Android includes the following:

· Free SDK tool for any developer of any size
· Swift integration that can be completed in 15 minutes
· Synchronous free app to app calling over Wi-Fi or 3G
· Crystal clear quality with HD Voice technology based on bandwidth adaptable iSAC codec
· All signaling and codec handling wrapped into one easy package, with no back-end support or infrastructure commitment needed

On the heels of the news, Rebtel will be delivering a dedicated panel session in promotion of their new SDK launch during the Appnation conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, December 12th from 3:10pm to 4:00pm. The session titled, “Give Your App a Voice - How to Add a Social Layer to Your App,” will focus on how developers can successfully integrate this powerful new add-on service to drive customer acquisition and retention.

App developers interested in more finding out more about Rebtel’s Voice Platform SDK can also sign up from the website at Rebtel SDK

About Rebtel
Rebtel is the world’s largest mobile VoIP company after Skype. Today, Rebtel is growing rapidly with more than 17 million users with a run rate of over 1 billion minutes per year. The company is on pace to hit $80 million in revenue at the end of 2012. Rebtel users call through smartphone or desktop applications or any other phone to make free or cheap international calls. For more information, or to start using Rebtel, go to Cheap International Calls From Rebtel.