Real Talk: True discussion about openness and competition


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Dec 23, 2009
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I am sitting here wanting so bad for Andrew Webb or Federico to come up with profiles...I am running P3droid's Leaked 3.0.0 and I dont want to try any thing else cuz I really like the profile features.
This had me think about the business that Motorola, HTC, and other companies are trying to run. Just like your company and every one else's company they are in business to make money. They dont make money then they die....pretty much getting swallowed up by their competition. Stakes are high because they have a lot ridding on making sure that they meet goals. Companies count on selling their devices but in a world where we now have more and more companies running android htc and motorola have to have a feature that stands out and grab the mainstream audience. Mainstream do not care about dual core, single core ....blah, blah, blah.... Android fans may care but the average guy want it to work and look cool. Motorola and HTC add features that make the user want to buy it and keeps improving those features to keep them coming back.
Now why the locked bootloaders.... most of us want it unlocked so we can put custom roms on it....its our device and we should be able to put what ever rom we want. Good question...but are they locking it cuz of them not wanting us putting custom roms on or are they protecting something else.
Well I think it could be a little of both...they do not want some one taking their property and and putting it on the market. If Launcherpro or ADW had profiles/scenes (Htc's version) would you hold on to motorola's/htc's rom? Motorola do not care...infact they hope you buy a new phone every year...they don care about Ne2 or new contracts....cuz if you buying a phone every year that mean they are profiting.

So is motorola being wrong for locking their bootloader. Do they truly care about us using roms and why...
I want to hear from you guys.... oh and please keep it civil.