Razr will not turn on


Feb 10, 2010
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I dont know if I have a problem with my phone maybe I am posting this for peace of mind. My Razr has the official ICS installed this morning along with it being rooted and safestrap installed. Today I was playing with the phone I used the Thunderbolt toggle to turn off the 4G. The phone lasted all day only losing about 10%. Now here is the weird part i went to get the phone this evening and it was turned off. No biggie i thought I will turn it on that I didnt work. I got it to turn on using the power button and the down volume key. It would boot to the Motorola screen then it would show the safestrap screen then nothing If I completely hammered the battery how long should it take to turn ion . I cant even get the battery symbol to show the phones been on the wall charger for about 1/2 an hour. The backlight is on though. There are no lights on the led at all to indicate charging. I used safestrap to power the unit down will this still charge?
I had phone hoked up to wall charger all last night. Phone will boot past safestrap and then just a back light.
I figured it out yesterday I installed safestrap 2.0. I made a safe backup thats what was doing it. I uninstalled safestrap through the app. Now the phone is booting up any ideas why that is? I would guess the wrong version of Safestrap
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