Razr Maxx HD battery (icon) issue


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Oct 20, 2014
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Razr Maxx HD and DX
OK so I plugged the phone in via USB and left it connected for around 24 hours. It had died completely, for about 6 months, and when I woke it up tonight, it appeared to be (nearly) factory reset: It asked me to go through the new device activation steps, while the superuser and motopocalypse were still present (I had previously rooted it and had a ton of root apps installed, but those apps weren't on it, nor did it have my gmail account linked--I hadn't uninstalled any apps or factory reset it when I reverted to my DX due to the battery indicator issue months ago). When I woke it today, the battery icon was fully functional and gave the readout of the charge level and was blue, etc. I went through a stock flash via matt's tools in the bootloader and flashed stock recovery. All was fine until I activated it as my primary phone (my DX was the active device prior). After the reactivation reboot, the battery icon was grey and had a red ? in it. I've gone through multiple factory resets via matt's tools (bootloader) as well as via the privacy option while the phone was on. I also did a battery CQA test and it recognized the battery, it knew the phone was plugged in, as well as the charge percentage (but there was still a red question mark in the icon). I'm in a predicament because I didn't get the insurance, and I'm not up for an upgrade until mid to late February. I can still go back to the DX, but if there's any possible kind of fix, I'd greatly appreciate any help.