Razr Maxx car dock using Droid X car dock assembly


May 17, 2010
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I took my Droid X car dock apart and made it into a Razr Maxx car dock. The dock is made of three main plastic parts. The first part is a slide into place part. I removed it by sliding it upward and remove it for good since it is an insert. Next I removed the four screws in the back of the car dock and gently pried forward and removed upward the second insert. Once the second insert had been removed I could see the wire harness. I removed the wire harness and replaced the second insert and put back the four screws. What remains has enough open space to fit the Razr Maxx perfect. Only down side is there is no power directly to the car dock but I just plugged my car power adapter directly into the phone when needed. I used the car dock last Saturday for a trip that lasted for 90 minutes and did not use any power to my phone. I also had my blue tooth head set activating and the phones battery level went down 20%. On the way back I inserted the car power adapter and the phone worked perfectly. The price of a Droid X car dock on eBay is $17 and the price of a Verizon store Razr Maxx car dock is $40. Your choice. I told the store guy that waited on my what I had done and he just stood there and stared at me.
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Just of the parts that remain but it's really straight forward.