R2D2 Gingerbread update problems (missing stuff from previous version)


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Sep 21, 2011
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I purchased my R2D2 in Oct '10. Love it! Love it!

I never had many problems with it. I run two bluetooth devices on in (Motorola Roadster and AT&T home handset). Overall, I really enjoyed the phone and software.

Recently my phone magically upgraded to gingerbread. It's not that I'm against the new software. If it fixes existing and known bugs, that's fine. but I hate it when they take away features that I frequently use, and add new features that I could care less about (point in case, I'm still running XP. Love it! I can control it, and my computer is fine. I have a laptop with Windows 7, which is fine, but I'm good with the old XP software).

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's just my phone that is corrupt? I am a die-hard resister of doing a hard reset. I've an entire years worth of emails, texts, and high scores that I'd hate to lose. Not to mention the amount of down time it will take to get my phone setting back to "normal". That being said, I want to know if anyone else is experiencing the problems I am having. I've been in touch with Motorola, and they act like I am alone. Their solution is: do a hard reset.

Before I go that route, does anyone else suffer from the following issues:

1. Whenever someone would call me that was a contact from my facebook account, the phone would tell me, "Harry Smith". And below their name, it would tell me their facebook status, "It's raining like CRAZY here! When will it stop??" But on my new operating system, this feature has vanished? Anyone else missing their facebook status? It used to have their status in their contact info too, but this is gone as well.

2. I used to have a facebook button in my contact, if they were a facebook friend. this is gone, too. Now there's a website link, but no facebook button. Anyone else?

3. Most often caller list. This was great! It was populated below my favorites tab. Basically, if I called a person so much, but didn't add them to my favorites list, it would add them to a most-often called list. This list was quite extenstive. 20+ or so people. Now there's 3 people, above my favorites list. is this permanent? or can I go back to the old way?

4. Are there any other fellow left-handers out there that wish the contacts page had a left-side scroll option? If so, call your carrier to complain!

That's it for now. There's some minor complaints, but no need to get worked up over the little things. Mostly, I'd love to know if anyone else has experienced these problems. And more importantly, have you figured out a way to solve them?