Quick Lock Question :)


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Feb 20, 2011
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Well I went to put a pattern unlock on but now; the normal unlock screen shows up (the one with the unlock slider and silent/vibrate slider) and it asks for my pattern AFTER I slide the unlock slider. So I have to slide the unlock and then put in my pattern, but I'm wondering if there's a way for the pattern input to show up right away after I hit my lock key? I'm not liking that I have to slide first. :(

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Really? T_T I was just so jealous because my cousin's G1 (as well as other Android smartphones) go to the pattern as soon as they hit the power/lock key. Disappointed. :/ LOL

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It really isn't that big of an annoyance to me, but may be for some. I have the pin enabled for actual security, and also have to slide to get to that screen. The slide is just a quick flip so it is only a minor annoyance. A much larger one is the location of the emergency call and emergency contacts buttons on the pin screen.

They should have more space between them and the number keys.