Quick Help! Do I trade DX for Thunderbolt!?


Dec 13, 2010
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Finally found someone local who wants to trade there new thunderbolt for a DX. I love the DX sure but I really rather that thunderbolt! Is there any major issues with them? Are they rooted as well as running solid roms yet? I will for sure end up rooting it if I can.

Any input please!?
I had the DX, and prefer this that's why I'm giving you that suggestion. The battery is pretty big just so you know, and there will be a small hump on the back of the phone, but it's worth it.

Verizon sells it for 50 dollars. You can get it for free as I did if you talk a little and complain about a thing or two before you buy the phone lol
Thanks again...
I might try the stock battery. I am a schedule guy so I take the phone off at 7 each mornin an as long as it gets me threw work till 6pm im happy. I keep chargers everywhere. And really don't use it hard at work but a few texts an emails here or there. When im out I am either home ro out where I can charger it int he truck.. If an issue at least I know its available. I rather it slim an light as it gets. DX is nice but that phone is way nicer.
i traded yesterday. its great trade. plus you will be able to trade bak if you desire.
Excellent point I didn't think of that. Deff wouldn't be hard to do what this guy is doing for any phone he wants really.


Can't wait for tomorrow when I get it!
The big battery takes a while to charge...and it's huge. Kind of hard to text with it.
So far it runs well. Happy with the trade. Just finished rooting it. Not ad simple as rooting the Droid x but simple, a few hitches but all is well looking for a Rom.

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