Quick Charge 4 Gives You 5 Hours Of Battery With 5 Minutes Of Charging

Yes. Lots of chicks with iPhones. I turn my phone off if I know I'm going to be away from a power source for a while.
But there are only 24 hours in a day. Do you not spend most nights at ho.... O wait. I remember being single. PLENTY of nights I didn't spend at home. ;)

However... in this day and age? Odds are she has an Android charger, too. ;)

I was referring to 48+ battery use because I want my phone to go a full 24 hours of really hard use and / or low service. When I go hiking deep into the mountains or on long motorcycle rides using waze or google maps and music, my phone eats up batteries. I have a 12000mah pack I carry, but that is just extra weight; I'd rather have a phone battery that could last the whole day with heavy use. In case something happens, I'd like to have the battery power to make a call.

Among other reasons, I actually switched to the Nexus 6 from my 5x because my wife was a Turbo 2 and it uses USB-A instead of C and it is a lot easier for me to switch phones than have her switch.
Need a battery that supplies 18 hours screen time on single charge. Right now the only device in the world that comes anywhere close is moto z force with battery mod. Even that only gives me 8 hours of screen time with its 5700mah battery.
I live my phone in the car when I go into the wilderness. That's bro time. :)

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The way you phrased it didn't make much sense.

"What good is 4 hrs in 5 mins if I have to do it every 15 mins..."

If ya got 4 hours, then you wouldn't be doing it every 15 minutes... you'd be doing it every 4 hours. ;)
4 hours is 4 hours. There's only one way to measure that.

1 pound of feathers and 1 pound of lead... is still a pound.
i think he means that Idle time may be 12 hrs compared to 4 hrs game time since gaming uses more power. He would want 24hrs of game time which would be like 3days idle. At least that is what i imagine