Questions about the Samsung Galaxy Tab


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Jan 17, 2011
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Hi, I If I purchase a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab do I have to pay monthly in order to use it.

if I don't pay monthly then can I still use all of it's features? What would be the benefits of paying Verizon Monthly?

If I don't plan on using the Samsung Galaxy Tab outside of my house then can I simply connect it to my home network and use the internet that way?

Are the T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tabs different than the Verizon Tab? Are there different versions depending on the Carrier? What are the differences?

Yeah, it requires a data plan. They are suppose to be releasing a wifi version. I would check out the motorola xoom. I know its not out yet, but depending on how long its release date is, I would definitely wait for that.

All the tabs are the same as far as features go, just different networks with different pricing.
I appreciate the info. Doesn't the current Samsung Galaxy Tab have a wifi feature as well? would that mean that I could just use the Wifi without paying monthly or do I have to wait for the Wifi "only" version in order to just use the Wifi and not pay monthly? Thanks
Haven't heard of a WiFi only Galaxy Tab but that doesn't mean its not coming. The current model does 3G and WiFi and has to be on a data plan but are month to month AFAIK.

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It does NOT require a data plan. If you want discounted pricing (I saved $100), you have to sign up for 1 month of data. You can cancel it as soon as you want. You do not have to keep data on it, it works just fine over wifi. I paid $499 for mine at Best Buy with the month to month data plan. If I would've turned down the data plan, it would've cost me $599.
I just bought the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 with wifi capabilities. My question is does anyone know how if at all possible to sync it with my motorola razr phone also powered by droid?
What do you want to sync, when you set it up you will enter your Google account (gmail), this will sync your apps and Gmail, gtasks, Google calendar, etc.
As JR said. It will sync whatever is tied to your gmail account.