Question about Verizon?


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Dec 17, 2009
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I have been a verizon customer for about 7 years now. I recently about one month ago used my new every 2 and upgraded to a motorola droid. When i first got the phone i loved and but i had a few problems with call quality and a few other quirks. i took it back to the verizon store and the reflashed it and i havent had any probs since. Well today something fishy kind of happened. I finally pulled out my verizon bag and my droid box.(most people prolly do this when they get something new but i didnt lol) well i was looking through the droid box at the manuals and i found a piece of paper folded up in there. Just a piece of paper like from a printer and someone wrote Certificate of Insurance issued to: and some address. I do not know of this address. It also has a phone number. and a housing company. i was wondering if verizon sold me a pre owned phone from somebody else. what are your guys ideas? i would never of paid full price for something pre owned and i just wondering what u guys think i should do? give verizon a call or call the company on the piece of paper and find out more? thanks for any help