question about sync with multiple clients


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Jan 31, 2011
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OK so I am very new to the whole smartphone thing and I hope this question was not answered before but here it is.

I have 3 twitter apps on my phone: Twitter by twitter inc, Peep by HTC, and twitter for HTC sense. What is the difference between these?

here is what I understand: Twitter for HTC sync is for People integration and it uses the standalone app Peep. And the Twitter by Twitter Inc app is a completely different standalone app. I think...

Anyway the real question is how should I set up my accounts and sync options? Right now I intend to use Twitter by Twitter Inc as my main app. So I have that app sync every 30 minutes. Then I have Twitter for HTC sense just sync my contacts and not sync to peep.

I am just trying to get to a point where I am not sycning programs that I do not need to be. Does this make any sense?