Question about connecting phone to laptop


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Jul 23, 2010
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Sorry if this is a redundant or stupid question. I have searched the forums and phone manual, but can't find the details I need.

I am trying to transfer photos from my laptop to my Droid X. When I connect and pull down the status bar on my phone and select USB connection, I get 4 options: PC Mode, Windows Media Sync, USB Mass storage, and charge only. Charge only is self explanatory. I am assuming I need USB Mass storage. ?? WHen I select it, my phone doesn't show up in MY Computer under removable devices, but iSyncr does. When I open that, it shows different file folders. Are these from my SD card or my phone's internal memory? Is this where I need to be to transfer photos to my X? I was just going to create a folder and then drag and drop like I've seen suggested on other posts.