Nov 14, 2009
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Staten Island, NY
If there are any Quake fans out there, Quake 1 is available on the Market. Even with a few apps running in the background it runs smooth. The controls are great, the graphics are superb. I am impressed.

Anyone down for some multi-player games?
i saw it on friday, you can play with controls on both the touchscreen and on the keyboard.
It's pretty good, runs more smoothly than Doom and the controls are easier to customise (although it seems to forget those customizations each time you quit).
Couldn't get the controls to work very well for myself :(

Did you try using the game's options menu? (No offense intended if I'm misunderstanding you.)
Once the game is loaded open the in game menu by using the Back button and use the d-pad (physical or onscreen) to select Options > Contols. You can assign just about any control to an action.

Personally I find that using the physical keyboard works well, especially once I map my usual PC controls.
hmmmmmmmm. $2.00 i mean i cant get very much nowadays for 2 bucks so i think im going to grab this.
Just installed it... looks pretty good. I don't have any time to play it right this second but I have a few apps running in the background and it still runs smoothly. Need to charge up my battery before I head out. Looking forward to trying some online action. :icon_ banana: