[Q] [HELP] Battery remains constant and drains to 0 rapidly


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Aug 8, 2014
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I am using XOLO Q100i mobile which i purchased two months back. Initially it was having android 4.2.2. Last week I got update for 4.4.2 and since then I am facing this battery problem where, the battery percentage remains constant for long period time and after that it rapidly drops to 0 and switches off.

I am facing this problem only after I had updated it to 4.4.2 (it was system update, i didn't do it manually)

One example case is, even after using browser with 3G internet for 30 mins, the battery remains at same percentage.

Yesterday I even did factory data reset but still this problem is persisting.

Any solution for this problem?.


Well, at first I was thinking that I should be giving you the advice to calibrate your battery but after reading your whole posts which says that you have already factory reset your device means there is no need of calibrating battery, I think the problem is with the battery why don't you try replacing your battery?