PSA: Verizon Galaxy S4 4.3 Update Will Fail If Rooted!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Kit Kat 4.4 is expected to release any day now. That being said Samsung has finally made 4.3 available for the Verizon Galaxy S4! If you are rooted you won't be able to accept the OTA as it will fail due to the fact the root method changes a few system files that are required to accept the update. The easiest way to get your phone ready for the 4.3 OTA would be to flash the MI1 stock image in Odin. I personally would not accept the OTA update since you will lose root, and the new update is not likely to be rootable with current exploits. This means that you won't be able to flash custom roms with SafeStrap either. I have always made it my policy to stay away from official updates and update my device through the development community.