Prokopis "The fall"


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Feb 12, 2013
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Blacklamblab is a new video games production entrepreneur, located in Athens, Greece.
In our adventures, picking & stimulating the gamer’s mind is the key driver for creating exciting and fast paced games.
“Prokopis, the Fall”, our first title, is a fun action mini game with a fast gameplay, vivid graphics and great atmospheric music – available for Android, iOS, PC & Mac

…Is Prokopis dream “prophetic”?
…Will our hero manage to overcome the Greek debt collision & during his fall dodge the obstacles getting in his way?

…How swift and flexible are you?
…Boost Prokopis speed to the maximum and put your little stone in pulling the country of the debt crisis

“Prokopis, the Fall”,is the prequel of “Prokopis Adventures in Euroland” which will be released on May 2013.
An adventure indie puzzle game, with catchy riddles and action moves, where you need to lead Prokopis in unveiling the Greek tax evaders hidden across all the European countries, gather their unclaimed debts and return them to his country!
Within his journey, you’ll be traveling through Holland, France,……………….., facing evil guys, who are not that keen to share. It’s up to your bright thinking and riddle solving to do so. Well, punches can also help sometimes….:)

….Are you up to it?

Download “Prokopis the fall” for free for Android through Google Play Store
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Enjoy your free falls