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Mar 29, 2011
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Does anyone here have any experience with the ProClip mounts for the MAXX? I know that they got pretty good marks for my now retired D1. If anyone does have one or has experience with it: does it activate the car dock mode and does the phone fit with with a clear skin on it similar to the BodyGaurdz skins? I'd rather not have to be constantly removing and putting back on any case whenever I want to dock my phone at home or in my car.

Alternatives are welcome, I was mainly looking at proclip since for my car (delsol) it's a vent mount which would help keep the phone cooler in this Texas heat.
I am a huge Proclip fan and have been using them for at least 3 years. I am using a bit of a hybrid with my Razr Maxx though.

I have the Proclip vent mount in my car and I typically buy the corresponding phone mount for whatever I happen to be using (GNex, Fascinate, Trophy, Galaxy Tab). This time though, I just reused a Proclip Garmin Ball Mount that I already had with the stock dock that I bought from Verizon. It fits perfectly...

The "Tilt swivel mount for Garmin" is Item No 215165 from Proclip.
That's pretty much the route that I ended up taking. I bought the razr maxx car mount that included the combined usb/audio cable on amazon and an Arkon adapter plate for the proclip mount instead of going with the proclip adapter. Saved about $17 vs the proclip adapter by doing that. Now if I need to switch vehicles I can still use my dock since I have the stock windshield base.
I have one for my RAZR Maxx in my Jeep. Had one for my Droid 2 Global too. I like the both except for when I take a movie of where I am driving. I will start a new thread with that issue.

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