Problems with purchase from marketplace...

Dec 29, 2010
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Seattle, WA
Who would I call if I had an issue with the marketplace, would I call verizon or is there a specific google tech support line for android and the marketplace. My problem is, I tried buying an app, but I forgot I had my creditcard set to my market account, and so there's no money on there at the moment, and now when I look at the app in the marketplace, it says "purchased" but it wont let me download it til I fix the card issue, so I wanna switch card and have it take the money from my debit card, but im not sure if I switch cards, if it will let me buy it again, or if it does, if it will end up charging both cards. Any suggestions?

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Best bet email the developer and ask them they may be able to help. Its been my experence most of the are very helpful whenever possible

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