Problems with my Incredible


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Aug 10, 2010
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Hey guys,

I got my Incredible the day it was released and up until a few days ago it was flawless.

A few days ago, the phone started going very slow, and the screen transitions were getting jittery, and the phone started to freeze. I would get phone calls and be unable to answer them, and the screen would go unresponsive. Yesterday, I did a factory reset. I reinstalled my apps, and then things got worse. The screen would just turn black, and the power button wouldn't work anymore. I have had to do battery pulls all the time. Often, the screen would just freeze and stay frozen, and i couldn't hit the power button, so i had to do battery pulls. Also, i would get the HTC Sense stopped working alert and do foce close it, and sometimes have to battery pull it.

Today, I did a hard reset. I am still having problems. When i hit the back button when I am in an app, it freezes for a few seconds and then goes back. It has also shut down a few times, and I've had to battery pull it before I can restart it.

Is there something just completely messed with my phone? Do I have a lemon? Any suggestions?
the apps I have are:

pandora, handcent, facebook (i backed down to the previous version because the new upgrade put a ton of duplicates with at least 10 of the same people), touiteur, advanced task killer (which i don't use much), juice defender, the weather channel, astrid tasks, score mobile, yelp, yellow pages, etc.