problems with GDE app. anyone else?


Nov 7, 2009
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I wanted more screens for my home so I downloaded GDE. the cube is a real neat option. I heard some people had crashing problems with this.

I found that if I rotate cube too quickly, screen turns black, then home comes back up. when I try to turn to next screen, it flashes black instead of cube option. only way I can get it back is if I turn off phone and turn back on.

This happened a couple times so I just changed settings for cube.

here is my question. I haven't had a problem with my phone like this until I installed GDE app.

I was at a concert tonight with phone in my pocket and my phone started to get very warm. over time, phone just died.

The battery completely drained! I don't know if other apps were still running along GDE, but my battery completely drained and my phone was very warm.

anyone have this problem? any ideas on what it could be?
I also installed GDE and discovered that using anything other than the Normal setting for screen transitions yields some rather 'undesirable results'.

The developer appears to be aware of the issues with GDE on the DROID, and appears to be working on them.​