Problems persist after the ICS update


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Dec 3, 2012
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It's been over a month since the ICS update finally rolled out to Droid Bionic owners, like a majority of the owners of this device, I was really jumping in joy. I was so happy, until about a few weeks later. I STILL had LTE data drops, I STILL had battery issues (even worse this time) and now my phone is lagging like it's the device's job. I'll start with the first issue:

1) 4G LTE data drops.
I live about really close to Newark and NYC, and I still experience LTE drops. This just happened today, I do get 4G at my house (2-3 bars) then I go to my friends house which is not very far and now my connection drops to 3G and down to almost no service while the device was still on.
2) Battery issues
I have to charge this phone daily, and it is fully charged every morning. I don't charge it overnight. I charge it overnight and put it sleep mode with the full charge and I still have about 98% battery. It ends up being dead around 7:00PM with moderate to little use. One day I left my phone with a full charge on a table and no one was in the room, when I come back about 30 minutes, the lockscreen said "connect your charger" and it was the battery was almost dead at that point.
3)Last but not least, the lag
Probably the worst problem of the three. I would open an app or touch a the home button, and it would often not respond until at least 5 seconds later. That happens way too often even when my phone says I have 400MB of ram free. Also when I download an app, it would take so long for it to actually start downloading and when it does, the lag gets immensely worse. I know I am downloading something, but I never had this problem with gingerbread.
For me the ICS didn't really help my situation, and to be quite honest, I can't deal with another of this because my contract ends in 2014.
Are there any solutions to these? I tried factory reset but it didn't help. Will Verizon give me a new phone?
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