Problem with texting/calling one person... help please?


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Oct 31, 2011
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A few days ago my friend and I were in the middle of a text conversation when suddenly I was unable to send or receive messages from her. I turned it off, did a battery pull, a factory reset even, and nothing worked. I also could not call her. Whenever I text it says the message failed to send, and whenever I call I hear one dial tone and then three beeps. I could call and text her with other people's phones, so I don't think her number is disconnected... I ended up taking my phone to the Verizon store, and the person said it sounded like a block from my friend's side and that it may have happened by accident.

I'm still not sure about this, though.

Could it be a block from her side? Could I have blocked her by accident? I don't know, I'm hoping to get some answers please...?

We both have Verizon, if that's relevant.
I would have to agree with VZW (may be the first time). But if you are able to contact other people then it is most likely some sort of block with this person. Does this person know of the issue or not due to the lack of being able to contact them?
They know of this issue, she lives fairly close to me and I've explained the issue to her.
She said she'd look to see if it could be fixed online and if not, she'd go to the Verizon store. I don't think she's gone there yet, though.
I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I would say that's the best place to start, just having her try to figure it out on her end. Other than just them having real bad service in their area (which I assume has not been the case in the past) I can't think of anything else it could be but a block.
Alright, I'm just making sure.... been really frustrating.

I have trouble understanding how someone could accidentally block someone else, though.
The lady at the store said something about a button on some phones...
I know for certain the person did not block me intentionally though.
Sometimes things just happen. One wrong click can do it if someone is not paying attention. I have sent some messed up messages to the completely wrong people before just because I did not realize what I was doing.

Not saying for sure that's what happened, just saying I could see myself doing it :icon_eek:
I hope you do to. Let me know once you do, I would be interested to here what the issue ended up being.
I don't know if she's gone to the store yet, but now when I try sending messages, instead of the "text message not sent" that I usually get, there is a little envelope in the corner of the message with a blue arrow.

What does this mean??


Okay, she said she fixed the block, but now something messed up and she has no service anywhere.
I tried sending a message to see what would happen, and I got "text message not sent" again.

Is this because she has no service?

I thought if someone had no service, the message would send and they'd just get it whenever they got service...?
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