Problem with new 32gb card


Apr 5, 2010
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Okay, I was very excited I ordered this Scandisk 32GB SDfrom Dell for my DROID 1. Formated it and copied my data from the old 16gb sd and thought I was in business. I am running UD6 with Chevys ulv 1.1 kernel. I went to play music and no files showing in Btunes, 3 cubed or the stock player. They are there on the card and I can play them if I navigate using root explorer. But nothing I tried gets them to play in the player. I shut down then went in and formated the card again, and tried just copying the Amazon mp3 folder and still the same issue. The card mounts and seems fine. Other data like from kindle work just fine. I put the original 16gb card in and it works just fine. Anybody else have the same issue or a solution?