problem with contacts under Liberty


Aug 11, 2010
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first time rooter. I'm liking the new Liberty ROM but the one problem I seem to be having is that I lost a lot of my contacts.

or not lost, rather, the persons names are all still there, but if they are friends with me on Facebook, I only have them listed as such in my Contacts, their phone numbers were not transferred over.

the other problem I see with the Liberty contacts is the lack of ability to "link" contacts to each other, say if I have someone added to my contacts via facebook and I create a new contact for the same person with their phone number, how do I then link up those two contacts under one?
As far as linking goes select a contact, for this purpose say its Bob. Once Bobs info opens up hit the menu button and select edit. Now hit the menu button again and you should see something that looks like two chain links with" link" underneath. Select that and it should bring up similar names for you to select to link Bob to.

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ah thanks! didn't know that I had to hit the Menu button a second time to get the "Join" feature.

now I just need to figure out if there is some way to retrieve some of the numbers that I lost.
Did you have them backed up on the google servers? If so go into settings>accounts>gmail and see if sync contacts has a check mark next to it

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If you had Verizon's Backup assistant running before installing you can get them from Verizon's site in a csv file that you can import into GMail as well.