Pro not auto syncing with google calendar


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Dec 30, 2010
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I have a problem with my Pro and google account. Specifically, I use google calendar (I have gmail, etc but never use these).

I find the only way I can sync my calendar is manually (Menu > Settings > Accounts > my google acount > Menu > Sync now.

I cannot find a setting to automatically sync.

A few interesting things about my phone that might be relevant:
1. I do not have a data plan but use Wifi for all data needs.
2. My phone has an older software version 2.26.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US

I would like to try and delete my google account then re-add, but of course the phone won't let me remove the google account without a factory reset.

Any help? Even a third party app that triggers the manual sync from the home screen would be better than what I've got!