Privacy Issues?? What is, "Data Collector" Program Shown In Applications?

Contacted Motorola and...

This post outlines with directly quoted emails between myself and Motorola

"In a forum i was informed about three aps/ services
which are installed in my motorola device (droid razr)
The aps files are signed by motorola and thus i am contacting you

The aps / services in question are:
"Data Collection"
"Data Collection Service"

Attached to this email you will find three photos
I retrieved these from the form i initially heard about these from
The photos outline detailed information about the aps/ services in question

the question has been raised as to
what they specifically do?
what data they collect?
and who the data is sent to?
and for what purpose?

I am contacting you in pursuit of the answer to these questions

Thank you for your time and efforts,

"Dear #######,

Thanks for reaching out to Motorola. I’ve reviewed your e-mail and I’m ready to help.

For us to better assist you, we will need the serial number of the unit. We will lookup the specific model and the software of the phone. You may provide any of these serial numbers (IMEI, MSN, HEX, MEID, DEC). It could be retrieved under Menu > Settings > About Phone > Status. We will also need a good number we can contact you and your full name. You can reply to this email for the information.

We will need to gather more information on this. The said apps are preloaded on the phone, correct?

We will be needing assistance from our Level 2 Technical Support Department regarding your concern. We will need to ask you to call our call center directly. You will not have to repeat any troubleshooting steps that we have just done as I will be saving this entire conversation and all you will have to do is dial 800-734-5870 and say "Technical Support" or press 2. When prompted, please enter your 10 digit cell phone number that you provided me earlier in our chat. You will then be directly routed to one of our Level 2 Technical Support Specialists. Our Level 2 agents are available M-F from 7am-10pm CST and on Sat. & Sun. from 9am-6pm CST. Your reference number for this chat is ######-######.

We hope that you find this information useful and we look forward to assisting you in the future.

For information about Motorola products and services, please visit us at

Thank you for contacting Motorola e-mail support.

Best Regards,

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I know this thread hasn't had any posts for a few months but as it was active for over a year I hope it's ok to add some more info.

When I freeze these Data Collector services my Battery & Data Manager stops working properly. If I access it, the data meter gets stuck on 'loading data'. If I unfreeze them, it starts working again.

So maybe the data is only being collected to enable this functionality? I'd like to hope so (but am a cynic!)