Poorly designed port cover Samsung Galaxy S5

R Buce

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Aug 19, 2014
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The port cover on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is extraordinarily poorly designed. The plastic hinge that attaches the cover to the phone will break on most phones with normal use.

I have had my phone for ~3 months. Very pleased with the device except the hinge just broke; no unusual or rough treatment. Yes, Samsung will fix under warranty. Send your phone in for 6 days to let them fix it. If you escalate to a supervisor and advanced technical support they will offer to use overnite shipping, getting the turnaround to 3 or 4 days. No loaners. This doesn't work for me and I assume doesn't work for most people.

This part was exceptionally poorly designed and it will inevitably break on most phones. It is an easy fix. It seems certain that Samsung will eventually mail a replacement part for self-fix but right now their policy is no parts are shipped and no third party repairs.

AT&T told me that Samsung had told them that they had a problem with this part and that when it broke, they would ship the part and a screwdriver for self- fixing. Not the case, at least for now.

The more that is written about this, the quicker Samsung will change and do the right thing.


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Jun 1, 2012
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Bought a few replacements on ebay for 3.49 each. No time or patients for Samsung and the BS. I use wireless charging now so I very rarely even open that poorly designed cover

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