Poor Download Speeds, PLZ Help!


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Aug 9, 2010
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So I've had my droid for about two months now and the only problem I seem to have is downloading things. I haven't done anything to my phone since I got it from the box so I'm still running version 2.1.

I've been downloading at 10 kb/s yet people claim numbers of 1 mb/s. I used a mobile speed test and my speed was 264 kb/s while the average verizon user was getting 1200 kb/s. Any ideas or suggestions to why mine is so slow? I have full service at time of downloads. Thanks ahead of time for your help.
I haven't really tried. The barracks here doesn't have wifi and I don't have time during the week to go somewhere that does. I don't think its the service area because a friend of mine that is next door d/l around 140 kb/s