Pocket Express TV in beta testing


Nov 11, 2009
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I have been beta testing Pocket Express TV.

1. Here is my personal disclaimer.... I have no vested interest in the product, I am not involved in the design, or development, or distribution nor have I ever met anyone connected with the product. I was just asked to be a volunteer beta tester and provide feedback. I received no remuneration (not expecting any as a volunteer) for my testing effort and comments/feedback.

2. I will not post nor provide by any means the download link for the product; this would be unfair to the individuals developing this product. Do not even ask!

Pocket Express TV allows you to watch TV, both live and recorded clips. There are many stations. including OTA ones that provide clips. I viewed about 50 recorded clips. The playback was smooth and all-in-all the audio was synced with the video. The clips include current news, sports, and some entertainment. There is a long list of genre's and stations that have clips that are accessed by this product.

I was unable to test the 'live' TV as this seemed to require a subscription fee which I was not going to pay so cannot comment on this functionality.

During my testing, I did find that the current version does not seem to like to download using the 3G network, rarely would clips download for me under 3G. Using WiFi, the clips downloaded and played very well.

I have a Motorola Droid running stock 2.1; other than the app itself, no additional software was required to be loaded.

I feel that Pocket Express TV shows promise. I am not sure how the subscription-based items will work out.

Feel free to ask questions about Pocket Express TV (except how can I get access to a copy of the app).



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Jan 27, 2010
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Sounds nice, dont know how well it wil do with subscriptions with sling coming soon..