Google Unveils Android TV


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like all the rumors about Google replacing Google TV with Android TV are true. It looks like Google is designing their new product to compete directly with Apple TV and the new Amazon Fire TV. Here's the scoop on their new TV platform:

  • Designed to push Play Store content
  • Will runs Android apps from other content providers such as subscription streaming services
  • Allows you to access live TV through the interface
  • Just like Amazon TV, Android TV will push gaming as well
  • Anything running Android TV will have the same functionality as a Chromecast - this means you will be able to push content from your other devices to the TV exactly just like with the Chromecast
It will launch later this year with the final Android L release, and a number of hardware partners are working with Google. Next year we will see smart TVs from Sharp, Sony, and other all using the Android TV platform. Finally, even folks who don't want to buy a whole new set will be able to buy set-top boxes from Razer, ASUS and others.

A dev kit is ready for developers to get working with the SDK right away, which is the same one for tablet and smartphone form factors. Android TV will feature a simple and familiar card-based UI, and focuses on visual information. It includes Google's new Material Design language as well by having a home screen which floats on top of the content you're currently playing.
Very interested in this.... More info PLEASE!!!
I have a little miracast hdmi for my TV and it is not very good at mirroring because it is so slow.... It most of the time has trouble keeping up with the phone. It was a chineese brand.
Does anyone know of a Miracast brand that actually works?
The mirroring was the best thing about Android TV in my opinion. The question I have is, what protocol is it using? Also, does it transmit audio as well as video, or is audio in version 2.0 ??? Demoing Google Earth was cool, but I would have preferred seeing a netflix video being streamed in realtime.
I'll probably give one of my chromecasts to my parents and get one of these. My kids love several Android games and I rather they play it on the TV or something. That being said, I did just get a Roku 3 so I dunno.