Pocket Empires - Extra Gems


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Apr 22, 2010
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Use referral code 8a0l for 100 extra gems. This will cause you to start off with a total of 200 gems, which is very useful to put towards early expansion of your city. Give this game a try, if you liked any of the Starcraft/Warcraft series games, you will like this one too.

Also, if you use my referral code (8a0l) when you create your account, then you will automatically become my friend. Feel free to message me with any questions you have about the game!
Know what everyone should do? Make separate posts instead of actually posting in the PE thread. I don't think this forum is congested enough with these posts.
yea its ridiculous, and most of these people do this as their first post. Can a mod merge all of them? You guys know you dont need gems to win at this game. IM number 16 on the leader board DJ CheLu and only had 200 gems. Its a mathematical waiting game. Chill ax on the spam posts.
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