For all droid users who don't wanna play Pocket Wars...


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Dec 21, 2009
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For anyone who has not started, I have a request for assitance. Pocket Empires gives 100 gems to anyone who refers a new player to the game. If a new user signs up with a referral code, they get 200 gems. This is the only way to get them at the moment, and I'm asking for anyone who has not played this game (or have no care to do so) please download the game from the marketplace, on the character creation screen (chance to change your name), select the dragon faction and enter this referral code: 5usf

Like I said, even if you have no intention to play (you can uninstall it after if you want), this would help me out a bunch.

Thanks in advance

Edit - the game is pocket empires not pocket wars
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I would do it but I kinda really hate these referral posts that spam up this board >_>;
Just a thought to the mods, perhaps there should be a subforum under this one specifically for referral codes?