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Jul 25, 2010
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Market wasn't installed after froyo OTA update. Just updated yesterday and now Market is nowhere to be found. Only resolution I have found when searching was a factory reset. Really don't want to do a factory reset. There has to be an easier way? Please Help?
Do a Google search for market.apk

This will download to your computer with an installer. U can hook up your phone via USB to load it on your phone

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It would actually be vending.apk and it probably won't install like that, usually the vending.apk needs to be installed through form or you will get a bunch of FC's, and that can only be done if rooted
I am rooted. Could you please explain this process to me?

Correct, Tallica is right. Grab your vendor.apk or which ever is needed and follow these instructions. If you have Root Explorer.

-Place the apk(s) of the apps on your sdcard.

-Use your chosen means to copy the apk(s) to /system/app (this will require making /system/app writable. In Root Manager just press the R/W key when you're exploring /system/app).

-Click on the apk once it's in /system/app and install it.

-Now, you've installed the program, but the system won't see it as a system app unless you change it's permissions. In Root Manager, long press on the app (in /system/app) and click on "permissions". Then make sure that only the following boxes are clicked: User Read, User Write, Group Read, Others Read.

-Make sure you make /system/app read only again by clicking that box in the top right while you're exploring the folder.

-Reboot phone.

Hope this works and I'm not responsible for your phone:)
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