please Help! Tethering Problem


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Aug 2, 2010
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For many months I have tethered successfully using USB connection and PDAnet. Then, today I connected and it went smooth forabout 5mins then nada. I tried disconnecting, removing phone, restarting everything to no avail. Then I tried to use internet just on my phone (A855) to no avail. Turned off my phone then turned back on, this worked so I plugged back into USB and PDAnet start pumping. Then, 5mins later the same problem. I rebooted phone, downloaded and installed Easytether which worked for 5mins and then the same thing. Everytime I tether for more than 5mins my phone web gets dismantled. I have surfed on just my phone for an extended period without problem. As soon as I plug in and tether, 5mins pass and imm right back to turning off and on my phone. Thank you so much for your time and reading this. -J
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