Screen didn't come on


Mar 13, 2010
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After I plugged in my phone to my computer to charge and tether, I tried to turn on the phone, but the screen wouldn't come on. The LED was still blinking for an email, the charging light was still on, it reacted to pulling the plug out (charging light went off and tethering disconnected) and reacted to putting the plug back in (charging light came back on and tethering connected).

Earlier today I installed Chevy's kernel, went back to stock, installed P3's kernel and finally went back to stock (using nandroid).

It hasn't happened since, but I'll still keep my eye on it. Has anyone else had this problem? Did something happen to my phone?
Droid worked perfectly today. Should I take it as shat happens? Sometimes computers have an issue that goes away, why not the droid?
Not really sure what happened to you but if it happens again, then there is something wrong with your phone so you should probably ask again later.

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