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Nov 3, 2009
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Alright I have tried MediaMonkey and Rhapsody to sync my playlists. On my phone I have tunewiki imusic and the good ol' music app. I've created playlists in each program-trying to see where they are stored so I can add/modufy them; no luck finding them.

So all the music on my PC that I want is on my phone,but I can't get the playlists, and none of the players let you chose by genre for some reason. I've created various genre playlists, but dont know where or how to sync it.

I'm sure this has been covered but searched and couldn't find it.
I used Media Monkey and had no playlist problems. Though when I tried to just load up m3u files it wouldn't recognize them.

This link helped me while I was trying to figure out how to get my playlists on there, maybe it can help you. Scroll down to the second post. And did you make sure you were syncing all your playlists and not just your library in Media Monkey?

Tutorial: Syncing Music & Playlists [Archive] - Android Community Forums
Thanks, for some reason I restarted my phone. Luckily then my players would sync with my phone.
Same Problem

I am also having trouble with playlists. I synced playlists from Windows Media Player to my Motorola Droid, and the music transferred, but not the playlists. Anyone know why or how to correct the problem? I've been searching the forums but haven't found an answer yet.

Many ways. The simplest is to just download and install the free version of MediaMonkey on your desktop. It will import your Windows Media Player playlists, and then sync everything to your Droid. You have to install the generic USB ext. drive driver to MediaMonkey to get it to work correctly. Then it works perfectly. I use MediaMonkey exclusively now, and everything works fabulous.
If you want to continue to mess with WMP, you can edit it's playlist in notepad, and change the absolute file reference to a relative file reference with a simple search and replace. Then copy the modified playlist to the root directory of your music folder on the Droid. But, why mess with all that. Media Monkey is free.
I just wanted to update...MediaMonkey worked like a charm. In order to avoid recreating the playlists, as listed above, in Media Player 11, I right-clicked my existing playlists (1 at a time) and chose the option to "edit in list pane" (I think this was mentioned before). Then in the list pane, I hit the down arrow next to the playlist name, chose "save playlist as" and saved each playlist as an .m3u file. MediaMonkey was then able to recognize the playlists, and I could sync both the playlists and tracks to my Droid.

Now I just have to go through and tag all of my mp3's with album art, since WMP doesn't store album art in the tags by default.

Thanks again, dschulman!