Play Store DownLoad Issues Thru WiFi


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Jun 3, 2013
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I know this has been covered allot as far as play store goes and WiFi. But I'm at home with Comcast with 125 Megs down and 6 Megs up. Using a Netgear "Night Hawak" Router. I have no problem with my Moto Z4 downloading anything thru this router anywhere in the house or outside.

My desktop works fine and the router has been updated to the latest version. What Ticks me off is I cannot download from the playstore with WiFi On.....?????
Sometimes it will download 95 % and stop and go to "Cannot Download".

The moment I turn off the wifi on my phone ...Bam! it downloads. My Samsung Tablet does the same thing. Turn Off Wifi and you can download.
Went to my friends house who has comcast and an old router sitting on the floor. I can download with Wifi on at his house but not mine. So I know it not a phone thing.

Now I have to call Comcast and talk to a robot before I can get help.

Any Thoughts ??????????????????????????


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Jan 25, 2013
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I think it's a Comcast issue. We have Comcast internet at work for "personal" use. I had to download a fresh copy of Win 10 for 18 Dell laptops and it failed at 22% every time I tried. Brought one home to work from home, and it downloaded and installed no problem. Tried again at work, failed at 22% again. I don't know what Comcast does when you are downloading but it seems to be an issue.

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