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Oct 27, 2010
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For the past year I've been a huge fan of PlayOn TV. After I graduated and finally left my parent's nest, I realized that I just didn't care enough about television in general to keep forking out the extra cash. I found roundabout ways to catch my favorite shows, but I always felt like there was a bit more technical work involved that kept me from recommending it to the average Joe. I'm pretty sure everyone here is a bit more technical than most (I learned to root my Droid X on this site several years ago!), but PlayOn has been very simple to setup and use. I would definitely recommend it for both technical and non-technical users. To be clear, PlayOn is owned by MediaMall. They also have PlayLater, and MyMedia, which I will just briefly cover as I don't have any first hand experience with them. By the way, none of these pictures are taken by me. They would have been potato quality.

So, what is PlayOn? PlayOn is a DLNA server that uses UPnP to stream media from their servers to yours.
Digital Living Network Alliance - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
Universal Plug and Play - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

What hardware do I need? Chances are you have everything you need, already. You need a Windows based machine that will be on at all times (or at least while you're wanting to stream TV), and you need a gaming console, streaming box, HTPC, or tablet. Here is a list of supported devices: What you need to use PlayOn A list of gaming consoles streaming devices and other supported devices compatible with PlayOn PlayOn
I personally use Kodi, my Chromecast, and PS3 for streaming media. I will tell you a bit more about my experiences with those. I have had no issues using this on a NAS within Virtualbox. Using it with Kodi is my favorite:

Is this legal? It specifically states on PlayLater's website that this is legal. I know this is a concern for many of you. I live in the US, so I can't vouch for other countries.

How can I get it? You can download it from there home page.
PlayOn Watch Online Shows Movies on Your TV Smartphone and More PlayOn PlayOn
They also lay everything out for you very well, including a "Can I Cut the Cord?" quiz.
As of right now they're having a special for 50% off!

Is there Android/iOS integration? Yes. The Android app is no frills, but it works.
PlayOn - Android Apps on Google Play
PlayOn Mobile on the App Store on iTunes
The app is simple to use. Anyone that can cast to Chromecast can use the app. It's kid-tested and mother approved!

What channels can I get? You can get these channels and more from their website.

The bottom line: Is it worth it? While I can't speak for everyone, for me the answer was an absolute yes. Most people don't cut the cord because they fear change, want sports, and their DVR goes along nicely with their busy schedule. If local sports are important then it's pretty amazing what this can do in conjunction with an HD antenna. If a DVR is your reason, then you can easily go back and look at the past 5 episodes of any season. If that's not enough for you, there is a PlayLater option that will suit all your DVR needs.

I'm sure there are plenty of unanswered questions. Feel free to ask away. I've had no blackouts that I recall, and I've not had issues with multiple sources streaming. YMMV based on your network infrastructure; I always use a wired connection when possible.
Hey, @pc747, I thought you would be interested to know that they gave me a free PlayLater Lifetime HD license with AdSkipper for this writeup. The support and friendliness of the staff is awesome. I think they're a great company that's going in the right direction.
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