Pixel XL Camera Review! One of the Best!


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Oct 6, 2011
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I had a few hours to play with the Pixel XL camera today, and I have to say that I was very impressed. Going into this I was very skeptical. Yes there is that Halo gate floating around out there. In all my test shots I never saw the Halo lens flair pop up. The camera on this phone has been rated the best out of all smart phone cameras by DXOmark. It got the highest score of 89. That being said the camera has had mixed reviews.

The rear shooter features a 12.3 MP f2.0 camera with EIS (gyro based image stabilization NOT optical image stabilization) and phase detection and laser auto focus. The shots that i took were insanely sharp in good light situations. Low light situations resulted in similar quality shots with little to no noise thanks to noise reduction and not to much was lost in regards to sharpness which was nice. In extreme low light conditions images were virtually noiseless, but were much softer than photos taken in good lighting conditions. Colors were vivid but not over saturated. The camera produced more natural real to life colors.

The camera was very fast. You can launch the camera with a double tap of the power button from any screen and even with the screen off. Once the camera is opened you can start taking shots immediately and there is no shutter lag. Software is pretty basic. You have a shot timer, HDR settings, Grid settings, custom temp settings, and options for slow motion, panorama, photo sphere, lens, blur, and resolution settings.

As far as video recording is concerned I was equally impressed. You get the same quality with the video camera and the image stabilization works well here. The video looks like it is shot on a gimbal and doesn't have the jello artifacts that you normally get from software stabilization. All in all this is an excellent camera which is right up there with Samsung and LG cameras.

Check out some of my test shots in the next post.


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Jul 12, 2010
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Mine will arrive late November and I am definitely excited. My S7 Edge is out the door. Already paid it off and will be selling it soon.


Just got an e-mail, mine shipped! SWEET!!!
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Apr 2, 2010
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Ugh, its killing me that I missed out on the Day 1 purchase... Going to jump on one when the 128GB versions come back into stock. These pictures look great. Going to be in Amsterdam in February for a vacation and would love to have a camera that takes pics of this quality, especially when I'm also considering dumping Verizon for Project Fi...