Pictures and Videos dissapeared


Oct 21, 2010
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Hey all,

I have the R2-D2 Droid 2 and my sister has the Droid X. We were at her house celebrating Mom's birthday and comparing phones. She took some pictures of the cake and such - then mentioned (after looking at my phone) that she removed the photo widget and wanted it back. When I showed her how to put it back on her home screen, it said there were no pictures on the card. I immediately looked in her gallery to find blank thumbnails and no pictures (or videos). I then brought up the files app and sure enough, the DCIM folder was empty! We connected it to the computer and, while there was plenty of stuff on the card, all her pictures and videos were gone.

I was able to bring back 98% of them using Piriform Recuva (a great program by the way). She called Verizon and they have never heard of this happening.

Has anyone out there? Any ideas?

Yep, This EXACT thing happened to me!! But I had taken like 50 pictures of my kids 5th birthday while we were on vacation. My stomach sank! I was so mad. Just like you said, the folders were empty, the DCIM file was empty. Everything was gone. Just like I had never taken a picture. I rebooted the phone, pulled the battery, pulled the SD card, and let it sit for a few. When I put it all back together again and rebooted, all my pictures were there! I don't know what happened, but they came back. I have since been transferring pictures to my laptop at least once a week just in case they don't come back next time.
Yep, same thing with my Droid 2. I also have a bug where when I try to start recording with the camcorder, it just goes back to the home screen. I think these bugs are related and probably are due to some sort of disconnect with the phone and the SD card. A battery pull fixes the issue. Very annoying.
Just to confirm this. I took some pictures this past weekend when my kids were with Santa at the local mall on Saturday. On Sunday I went to pull them off the phone and they were GONE! I was heart broken. I searched around a bit on forums and just today found this thread. I had already tried the recover software and also rebooting the phone and nothing. The recover software didn't even see the photos at all. Today, after reading this thread I pulled the battery and rebooted the phone and the photos reappeared! I am so glad that they are there but this was a really weird bug. Anyone know if HTC is aware of this and is fixing it in a future release or is it something else that I did wrong? Maybe the brand of SD card, I just upgraded to a 16 gb card a few months back.