Picture Gallery- pictures not deleting!!! blah!!


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hi all,

i need some help. In my pictures GALLERY, for some reason it is showing all these music album images... they are from the mp3's i put on my phone. The Album art must have copied over when i pulled the mp3's over onto the phone. Anyhow, each time i go into my gallery to look at family pictures i downloaded onto the phone, the darn album art images show first...really annoying.

I tried deleting the images by pressing onto the image for a second so it highlihgts, then on top right hand corner i try to delete it and it will not delete. Just keeps it on there no matter what i do. I am assuming it cannot delete since it is connected to the mp3 i have on the phone.

So is there a way to hide this or another way to get these mp3 album art outta the way?

Also i have a Picture GALLERY widget that shows pictures...but again those darn album arts are showing on the widget instead of my friends and family pictures....really sucks...

btw (i am using SPB Shell 3D launcher) so the widget comes from this

You need to log into your Backup Assistant account through the Verizon site, even if you didn't sign up, and delete them through there. Now I hated it at first too but, having said that, once I figured it out, and that it was free, it's actually not a terrible service. I moved all the albums to a hidden folder and now use that "Backup Pictures" folder for my camera. No worries about losing pictures.
Ok really dumb question now...
How do I launch the Verizon back up?
I can find My Verizon, and other Verizon related icon apps...but I cannot find the backup app anywhere
Never mind...I found it in settings.