pics disappearing from Gallery


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Feb 4, 2012
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the problem i'm having is that if they're saved to anywhere but camera they will disappear. i downloaded quickpic and selected 'show hidden' from the menu and BOOM, there they are. all my pics. so the question is...why are the pics marked as hidden?

if i save from messaging, save a pic from the browser, any app that saves a pic they are available and i can view them in their respective folders in the gallery app. if i go back the next day those folders have now been consolidated into one folder. when i browse this folder i can see all the thumbnails for the pics but when i select a pic to view it says 'loading...' and never opens the pic. the only way to view them is to 'show hidden' in quickpic.

does anyone have any thoughts about why this happens and what the fix or workaround is? my droid x didn't have this problem.