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Sep 14, 2010
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I have a Fascinate that automatically populated my Gallery with the zillions of photo albums I've uploaded to Picasa.

My boyfriend has a Droid X and I put my Picasa email/password in his Accounts thinking it'd just effortlessly autopopulate his gallery with my pictures too, but it didn't. I looked around on the internet and saw that you could download the older Gallery (the one that's like the one on my Fascinate), so I did, but again, there's no setting that I see to show my Picasa albums on there, there's no auto-populating, nothing.

Any ideas how I can make this happen without having to go into a separate application or on the web to see these?
go to settings > accounts & sync

On the Droid X I only see "Accounts", there's nothing about syncing. In Accounts it does have my Picasa login info but again, there's nothing about syncing there either.