Photos disappear from gallery

OK I downloaded it and it didn't find my pix until I asked it to view hidden and then it pulled up all including book covers, game pix, etc. I think there's a way to choose what to view but I can't figure out how. Also, how do I make it my default?

open the app and go to settings then go to "select folders" can also exclude folders but it only looks to the one's you specify in "select folders". In there you can tell it what folders to look at. As for making it default....try to attach a pic to your post and when it asks what to open it with select Quickpic....also check the box. Gallery will still be there but you can either hide it if you are using LPP or just remember to always use Quickpic. I don't know if you can make Quickpic open when you click on gallery...I haven't tried that yet. I just hid gallery and problem was solved.

I have quickpic looking to 4 folders.....

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I've had photos and videos disappear from gallery too, but could always see them using astro. a few weeks ago they all showed back up again. not sure what happened.
Missing Phots and Videos

I get the same thing. I've shot several videos and photos and they disappear from the galleries, they come back after a reboot but then they disappear again...hopefully VZ/HTC knows about this....I'm running stock.
After I dwnld the recommended app. I opened it and there were all my pictures including every icon, wallpaper, and background. When I opened my gallery, my missing pictures were all there too. At least now I have a backup if they disappear again.
Photos Didn't JUST disappear from gallery...

Hi anybody, everybody,

New to the forum. Am pretty well hosed so far. Got the HTC Thunderbolt in July. Took a bunch of pics, videos including, of course, treasured vaction pics with relatives we only see once every 3 to 5 years. Learned via Youtube how to mount SD chip as a drive and cabled the phone to my pc. Was copying files from the phone to a directory on the pc. Moved problem. Went the DCIM/100Media/ folder, grabbed another one<cntrl+x> went to pc folder, pasted it <cntrl+v>, went back to DCIM/100Media/ , clicked on it and got "access denied." From then on out I was unable to access the files. Finally got access to the directory but it is empty. No files in Gallery, no files appear via MyComputer browsing.

HTC Helpdesk can't seem to understand the problem nor address it. Anybody?

Did I mention that several of these relatives photographed won't be living next time we make it from Austin, TX to Duluth, MN? Jeez!
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First problem is you use control+c not x. You're deleting the picture from the sd card and if you do want to delete wait until you've done all your moving or pasting. The easiest way to copy is to remove the mini card and use the larger reader card and insert in your computer reader. My original problem was that all the pictures in my gallery disappeared but they were still in my dcim folder. I went online and found an application called Quickpic and it pulled all my pictures from the dcim folder. Then, magically, a few days later they all appeared back in the gallery. Hopefully you'll find your missing pictures and will be able to save them to your computer.
Ran into similar problem yesterday. Took a couple of pics, then sent them via mms. Looked for the same pics later that day and they were gone.

Waited a few hours checked again and both were right where they should have been.

Totally stock here
i had same problem....downloaded quickpic from the market and they all magically appeared again...
gallery photos disappear

look for a .nomedia file in root of sd card-delete it then photos should be back in gallery!