Phone wont recogonize sd card.


Jan 14, 2011
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Yuma, Az
Hi there to all

I am having a strange issue that has just started to take place the last few days. I was a few days ago deleting some music off my sd card, and now the phone doesn't seem to be recognizing the sd card. Which means that my pics and music don't show up on the phone.

The interesting part of this is that I have a program called sms back up and restore that backs up my text inbox daily and I have a backup file from earlier today.

I have done a few troubleshooting things that have not worked and currently am in the process of copying all my important data off my sd card to the pc and will continue on to do a sd card format.

When I plug my phone into the computer the sd card is still readable which is good!

Any suggestions on what to do to perhaps avoid doing a card format?