Phone wont re-connect to wifi unless I turn it off and on again.


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Feb 7, 2013
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Hi there, i am a new user here and i have a bit of a problem with my phone. Basically i am at university at the moment. and there is wifi everywhere, wifi in the halls of residence, wifi in the lecture theatres and wifi in the library. it all under the same wifi name and all connect with the same user name and password. however when i walk between buildings i loose connection ( fair enough ) when i get into the new building the phone does not automatically connect to the wifi. so i open up the wifi menu and perform a scan. the scan cannot find the wifi that i KNOW is there. So i then try to turn the wifi on and off to see if this helps. if i do this the wifi gets stuck on the 'turning on wifi' screen. i then turn the phone off and on again, after this action i perform a scan and it finds the wifi no problem and connects to it.

so two things, is it possible to autoconnect and also how do i fix it so that I don't have to keep turning my phone on and off again to find the same wifi in a new building? I am using a month old nexus 4

your time is greatly appreciated.

regards josh.